At VBDC™, we create custom BDC Sales and Service solutions for dealers.  From simply managing your Chat Services to “full-blown” BDC services, we’re here to help you for 30 days or 30 months.  There are no long-term commitments and in most cases we can save you 30%+ monthly.

When you partner with VBDC™ your dealership is assigned a dedicated team to manage your leads.  Our Virtual BDC team becomes an extension of your staff and you will know each VBDC™ agent by name.  At VBDC™ we don’t take sick days or vacations… we work 24/7 and our schedule mirrors yours.

Our custom dealer dashboard provides complete transparency showing each of our VBDC ™ agents activity in real-time and pushes our activities to your CRM.  We communicate with your team instantly using Slack and your BDC.

We integrate with your technology (phone system, CRM, Chat) with a seamless on-boarding process.